H.A.S Textile ducts to diffuse or transport air

Air flow analysis

Your production units have probably evolved over the past few years. You have probably experienced an increase in production levels, the products have changed, and so has the number of employees. For all these reasons, it is important to know if your duct network is adapted to your production.

Our technicians analyze the air flow using extremely precise electronic measuring instruments calibrated each year. The goal is to objectively observe the airflow performances of the equipment and determine the potential focuses:

  • Measurement of the temperature
  • Measurement of air speeds
  • Measurement of the airflows and static pressures
  • Measurement of hygrometry
  • Measurement of the temperature fluctuations
  • Analysis of the air speeds and circulation

We are at your service for any further information. We can gladly make an appointment at your premises to carry out an audit in order to provide you with expert advice and help you achieve the necessary adjustments.