H.A.S Textile ducts


H.A.S offers a large choice of textile ducts to transport or diffuse air. Whatever the conditions of your production (cold, cool, hot, humid or dry environment), H.A.S creates the most appropriate air diffusion network to meet your goals.

Therefore, H.A.S is a real solution for numerous industries. In fact, our team adapts the textile ducts to the diffusion or transport of the necessary air. We meet the requirements of many companies working in diverse domains: electronics, computer technology, aeronautics, tertiary sector, supermarkets, etc.

Textile ducts vs Rigid ducts

-      Can be modified

-      Can be « deeply » cleaned (perfect quality)

-      Light on the structures

-      Lower purchase price

-      Easy to install

-      Homogeneous diffusion

-      Air tightness

Advantages of air diffusion


Air diffusion provides real advantages for the products and for the staff. It allows first to reduce the loss of goods during the production process then during the storage. Air diffusion also allows to increase productivity of existing staff by improving the comfort of the environment.


Why choose H.A.S?

  • Hygiene and traceability
  • Proficiency, Comfort, Efficiency
  • Quality management
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