An engineering department dedicated to the design and manufacture of the textile ducts

H.A.S has a design office in which experts develop the duct network adapted to your buildings once the study of the air flows in your facilities has been performed.

We can create or upgrade your duct network according to your expectancies thanks to our qualified and specialized production team. The quality of their work allows to set up a duct network adapted to your facilities and constraints so that your initial request of a quality and homogeneous ventilation is honored.


HAS distinguishes itself thanks to a wide range of innovative accessories ensuring the utmost security of the production process.

H.A.S textile ducts to diffuse and transport air

With our designing tools and software, we can study the different geometrical possibilities and therefore provide you with a textile duct network which will take into account the operators, the congestion, your machinery and above all your products.

Thanks to our simulation tools and software, we are able to estimate the speed of the diffused air, temperatures, humidity in order to meet your requirements concerning the operators’ comfort and the quality of the product. The simulation assists the designing to determine the diffusion needed (type, size, number, orientation)

Our team has also developed fixing alternatives which are real solutions to facilitate and gain time while assembling and dismantling the ducts.

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H.A.S textile ducts to diffuse and transport air